Millennial Man Magazine

This is Millennial Man Magazine which is a magazine that I made through a group project. I was the digital editor and the links to this are down below to all the social media.

I am very proud of this magazine and all the work that went in to it. The first magazine had a few issues but it is proof that the longer that you work with a group of people the more that you get to know their working style and can make something great together.

The idea for the magazine was about having a magazine that spoke to millennials because they have either been ignored by the magazine industry or seen as people who only want to see nudity and read rude and sexist content, like the lads mags of the 90s and early 00s.

So the aim was simple a men’s magazine that was inclusive and intelligent and I honestly do feel that we as a group achieved that.

For me the main part of the online editor role that I took on was about organisation and to keep the website have content up on it at all times to keep it fresh and relevant.

The two main articles I worked on for the print magazine were:

Men have boobs too: a look in to male breast cancer and how it is a heath risk that men should be aware of.

Video game tourism Assassin’s Creed: travel to the places of the AC franchise this summer.

When reading the magazine my articles have bylines but I also designed several pages and worked on design in general as well as writing the two articles and managing the website. @adresses to the other members who worked on are in the contents page of the magazine.



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