Creative Freelancers

This was the first group magazine that I did on my masters course. This is the one where I was editor and in charge of the group of people and was responsible for making sure that each person was on the right track for the magazine.

This one was based around freelancers who are in the creative industry. We saw that the creative industry as a whole according to the reports from the government said that the industry was on an increase. Combined that with the amount of freelancers the creative industry employs and how freelancing has no real community and is very isolated so we made this magazine.

The main articles which I wrote for the print magazine was:

Carving a niche in the wedding industry – how to become part of a £10 billion industry as a freelancer

The best business cards – a breakdown of the right business cards for you on the market

How to make it on Google – SEO and the basics of being found on the internet.

There was also an online element as well which you can see below and I was also responsible for writing the media pack which is in a PDF below with the full magazine.

When reading the magazine my articles have bylines but I also designed several pages and worked on design in general as well as writing the three articles and managing the website. @adresses to the other members who worked on are in the contents page of the magazine.


PDF of magazine: Creative Freelancers

PDF of media pack: Media Pack







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