I am currently a reporter Builders’ Merchants News. I have a variety of tasks and responsibilities in my role including: writing articles for both online and print, laying out the magazine pages, creating the weekly newsletters plus social media.

I  graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism in 2016 and before that I studied at the University of Chester to get a BA (Hons) in Journalism with Creative Writing.

My main passions in the industry are online journalism and magazine journalism. I ultimately love writing and creating content.

I have a wide range of skills from writing, editing, producing layout and also photography and videography skills. Examples of these can be seen in several of my posts on this portfolio.

I also run a very successful YouTube channel called Nerd with a Manicure and this has 42k subscribers and 15 million views total over the four and a half years I have run the channel. I do all the content creation for this channel including the social media and the blog which is tied into the same theme of beauty and lifestyle.

Please click on the links above to see examples of my work and so to social media to see the variety of platforms I am on as well.

My writing

Builders’ Merchants News – Reporter

November 2017 – Present

Due to changes within the team, I was moved on to work to just work for BMN. I was doing the same job I was doing when I worked for both publications but took on more responsibilities like:

  • Organising magazine supplements and working with organisations to create content for them
  • Keeping the flow of the magazine and liaising with magazines departments and freelancers plus updating the flatplan
  • Commissioning content with people in the industry or marketing agencies to provide articles
  • Managing all four social media accounts
    • Increasing the impressions on the Twitter account by over 175% within the first six months of starting
  • Marketing for the BMN Awards
    • Creating a social media strategy to raise the profile of the Awards and encourage engagement from followers.

Heating Ventilation and Plumbing and Builders’ Merchants News
– Reporter

June 2017- November 2017

When I started at Hemming, I was working for two of its Building Services publications HVP and BMN. During this time I was able to multitask and manage my time between the two publications. My main role during this time was mostly reporting, which included:

  • Reporting and writing for both online and print
  • Producing the weekly newsletter and using HTML coding
  • Research and conducting interviews with key industry contacts
  • Sub-editing and proofreading
  • Layouts and design
    • Creating pages using InDesign and Photoshop
  • Work closely with all magazine departments
  • Provide administrative advice and support to the Editor.


August 2016 (2 weeks)
I was working for the online team of Shortlist Magazine and developed my skills at writing articles for a consumer title when producing content for immediate release online.

Northern and Shell
August 2016 (2 weeks)
Working with the Sunday supplements for the Sunday Express and Sunday Star. I mainly worked for S magazine but also did tasks from Big TV and Hot TV.

Rapid News Communications
May 2014 – June 2014 (5 weeks)
I did a five-week placement at Rapid News and I was working for five of their business-to-business magazines. The content I was writing about was challenging. However, this was an exciting opportunity to write about the content I was not familiar with.

My YouTube Channel – Nerd with a Manicure

I have my main YouTube channel nerdwithamanicure  for five and a half years now.

In that time, I have learned so much about online video, social media, and YouTube.

The most obvious thing I have developed is my video making skills. When I started out I had no experience with video editing, filming, lighting or scripting. To be honest I had very little ideas about fashion and makeup as well.
But I taught it all to myself.

I learned everything from basic video editing to teaching myself Final Cut Pro on a Sunday afternoon.

I learned how to manage social media and cross-platform to generate more buzz about the channel. I learned that one good video could launch your channel like no one can imagine.

But most of all I taught myself how to stick to a regular schedule of content and how to manage both YouTube and every other responsibility that I have.

Below are the links to the different  types of videos that I make: