I am currently a deputy editor for kbbreiew magazine.

Previously, I was a reporter for Builders’ Merchants News and I briefly worked for Heating, Ventilation and Plumbing as well.

I  graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism in 2016 and before that I studied at the University of Chester to get a BA (Hons) in Journalism with Creative Writing.

I also run a very successful YouTube channel called Nerd with a Manicure and this has 42k subscribers and 15 million views. I have ran this channel for six years. I do all the content creation for this channel including the social media and the blog which is tied into the same theme of beauty and lifestyle.

Please have a look around to see examples of my work and so to social media to see the variety of platforms I am on as well.



My writing

kbbreview – Deputy Editor  

April 2018 – Present

After just 10 months in my reporters role, I decided I needed a new challenge so I moved jobs to kbbreview. My role includes a lot of juggling across a variety of jobs throughout the day.

  • Writing news and features for both print and online
  • Social media strategy
    • Developing a strategy for the kbbreview awards
    • Daily social media posts
  • Video production and creating video news
  • Monthly pages that I am currently in charge of is:
    • Showroom of the month
    • In conversation
    • Trends


Builders’ Merchants News – Reporter

November 2017 – April 2018

Due to changes within the BMN team, I was moved on to work to just work for BMN. I was doing the same job I was doing when I worked for both publications but took on more responsibilities like:

  • Organising magazine supplements and working with organisations to create content for them
  • Keeping the flow of the magazine and liaising with magazines departments and freelancers plus updating the flatplan
  • Commissioning content with people in the industry or marketing agencies to provide articles
  • Managing all four social media accounts
    • Increasing the impressions on the Twitter account by over 175% within the first six months of starting
  • Marketing for the BMN Awards
    • Creating a social media strategy to raise the profile of the Awards and encourage engagement from followers.

Heating Ventilation and Plumbing and Builders’ Merchants News
– Reporter

June 2017- November 2017

When I started at Hemming, I was working for two of its Building Services publications HVP and BMN. During this time I was able to multitask and manage my time between the two publications. My main role during this time was mostly reporting, which included:

  • Reporting and writing for both online and print
  • Producing the weekly newsletter and using HTML coding
  • Research and conducting interviews with key industry contacts
  • Sub-editing and proofreading
  • Layouts and design
    • Creating pages using InDesign and Photoshop
  • Work closely with all magazine departments
  • Provide administrative advice and support to the Editor.


August 2016 (2 weeks)
I was working for the online team of Shortlist Magazine and developed my skills at writing articles for a consumer title when producing content for immediate release online.

Northern and Shell
August 2016 (2 weeks)
Working with the Sunday supplements for the Sunday Express and Sunday Star. I mainly worked for S magazine but also did tasks from Big TV and Hot TV.

Rapid News Communications
May 2014 – June 2014 (5 weeks)
I did a five-week placement at Rapid News and I was working for five of their business-to-business magazines. The content I was writing about was challenging. However, this was an exciting opportunity to write about the content I was not familiar with.

My YouTube Channel – Nerd with a Manicure

I have my main YouTube channel nerdwithamanicure  for five and a half years now.

In that time, I have learned so much about online video, social media, and YouTube.

The most obvious thing I have developed is my video making skills. When I started out I had no experience with video editing, filming, lighting or scripting. To be honest I had very little ideas about fashion and makeup as well.
But I taught it all to myself.

I learned everything from basic video editing to teaching myself Final Cut Pro on a Sunday afternoon.

I learned how to manage social media and cross-platform to generate more buzz about the channel. I learned that one good video could launch your channel like no one can imagine.

But most of all I taught myself how to stick to a regular schedule of content and how to manage both YouTube and every other responsibility that I have.