kbbreview: Duravit showroom opening in Clerkenwell London

During the new Duravit showroom opening, I decided to create a video about the opening to give the news story another interesting angle.

The video was shot on a Canon M3 and was edited on iMovie. I was using basic  equipment and cameras but I was able to create a short video that gave an overview of the showroom and the people who helped create it.

Read it here: http://www.kbbreview.com/topstory/duravit-opens-showroom-in-clerkenwell-london/


kbbreview: Appliance, kitchen, and bathroom trends

One type of piece that I am going to take charge in the magazine will be the trends pages.

These pages are in three types: appliance, kitchen and bathroom. I curate the products that are chosen by receiving copy from the PR’s after a copy call.

The pieces are not commercial and the copy is written to be a neutral as possible with very little PR fluff. These pieces are to be informative and give the retailers an overview of what is new rather than convince them to buy a product.


kbbreview, online article: Charlie Smallbone and DeVOL Chelsea Flower Show

During my time at RHS Chelsea, I interviewed Charlie Smallbone about his collaboriation with DeVOL.

In the interview, which was posted online on 25th May, I talked with Charlie about the design and his inpiration for the works. I later contacted DeVOL and got a quote from Paul O’Leary, founder of deVOL Kitchens, to get his comment.

The piece online also included audio clips of the interview to make the work more interesting for online:

Read it here: www.kbbreview.com/news/charlie-smallbone-and-devol-partner-for-chelsea-flower-show/