BMN, October 2017: TimCo Profile

This piece I did for BMN magazine was the first profile I did for the magazine. The angle of the article came from the conversation from Simon and the way he was talking about his family and the legacy that he was expanding.

For this piece, I did everything to produce this article from the interview to the writing to the final layout and proofing.

BMN Social media

The merchanting industry’s engagement with social media is minimal as the activity with both merchants and suppliers is infrequent. However, with the right tools and strategy, I was able to create an apathetic audience to engage with the BMN Twitter and increase the impressions by 175% in the first six months I started (Jan-Jun 2017 and Jul-Dec comparison.)

Twitter was the primary focus but, I also manage the Facebook page and LinkedIn. In October I set up an Instagram as we are the only magazine in the sector to have an account.



I created a social media campaign for the BMN Awards 2017. The primary network, whcih was focused on was Twitter as this the most used by the target audience. The social strategy was to both raise the profile of the awards and get people talking about it and also to market the awards and encourage people to come. Over a 50 day period leading to the awards, I created a social media schedule that kept a constant stream of exciting and engaging posts with unique artwork and graphics.

Overall, due to my planning and strategy, it raised the profile of the awards on the lead up to the event and on the day the impressions were up by 50% compared with the last two years.

BMN Page Redesigns

In January issue of BMN there were two main changes to layouts; the front covers and the people page.

There were discussions between the editorial and sale team about what feature need to be included. There were multiple drafts for all of the pages, using InDesign, to make sure that they were fit for purpose.

The front cover had three major changes: the ads would change (two ads on the top of the page and the bottom strip to remove the bleed), the amount of copy would be reduced on the front two stories, and the contents would be vertical.

Using this brief I created four different designs with the one final design being published the next available month.

November/December and the old design next to the January issue with the new design

The design for the people page was to make the whole design more minimal and easier to both read and put content in. A simple brief that I made to be successful design.

November/December design in comparison with the January issue with the new design