MCM Comic Con: Making Cosplay on YouTube panel

In October, I was part of the ‘Making cosplay on YouTube’ Panel at MCM Comic Con in London.

The panel was organised by London Small YouTubers and I was asked to be a part of this panel due to my videos about making cosplay and DIY videos on my YouTube channel.

I was on the panel with several of my YouTube friends; Hannah Carter (WatchThisHannah) and Lowri Ann with the panel being moderated by Will Carne.

During the panel we discussed video making, YouTube as a platform and the many hours it takes to create a cosplay outfit.

The panel has a great write up in My buzz: and it was well received by the people who came out to see it.

Overall it was a great experience and was my first time doing a panel. Now that I have done something on that scale I do want to do more in future at other conventions and conferences.

Below is the vlog I did from Comic Con plus the YouTube Space Halloween Party, which was on the same day:

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