MCM Comic Con: Making Cosplay on YouTube panel

In October, I was part of the ‘Making cosplay on YouTube’ Panel at MCM Comic Con in London.

The panel was organised by London Small YouTubers and I was asked to be a part of this panel due to my videos about making cosplay and DIY videos on my YouTube channel.

I was on the panel with several of my YouTube friends; Hannah Carter (WatchThisHannah) and Lowri Ann with the panel being moderated by Will Carne.

During the panel we discussed video making, YouTube as a platform and the many hours it takes to create a cosplay outfit.

The panel has a great write up in My buzz: and it was well received by the people who came out to see it.

Overall it was a great experience and was my first time doing a panel. Now that I have done something on that scale I do want to do more in future at other conventions and conferences.

Below is the vlog I did from Comic Con plus the YouTube Space Halloween Party, which was on the same day:

New job: reporter.

Quick bullet points before I elaborate:

I was offered and accepted a job as a Reporter for HVP and BMN magazine.

I have been in the job for three months, and I have now moved down to London.

So, after nearly 200 applications and nine months after finishing my Masters, I finally got the job I wanted.I work for two magazines Heating, Ventilation and Plumbing and Builders’ Merchants News. I do a huge variety of tasks during the day from writing, design, social media and subbing.

I am only three months into the job, so I know that I will be developing a lot in the next coming months as everything with the magazines start to become second nature.

Aside from my job the move to London has been a significant change. Aside from the water tasting disgusting and everything being expensive I feel that I have settled into the city well.

I have also been heavily involved with the London YouTube community by attending events, gatherings, and Summer in the City. The initial awkwardness of the newness of the city has gone, and I am starting to feel very settled.

I have also finally got used to working a 9-5:30 but the work – work balance between my job and YouTube / my brand has been hard to balance. I may have cracked that now and I’m starting to settle into a pattern.

I have a lot of goals for the next few months that I will share publically when I achieve them, but for now, I am finally in the place I want to be, and I am looking to push on forward.

That’s all for now,


The quick update post

So I haven’t updated this blog in ages and I though it would be good to keep you informed on what I am currently up to.

So to start of with I am about half way though my masters degree in Magazine Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. I am studying for my NTCJ exams including shorthand, very please to say I am up to 70 words per minute and only been learning since October.

I have already done modules on specialist writing, creating content, digital journalism, law and public affairs. I am currently working in a group module producing two magazines: a business and a consumer.

With that three day, full time course, I am also working at a jewellers in Lancaster whist studying for my masters. It makes me very busy but it is very rewarding.

My other blogs are going steady at the moment with me updating as normal. However my YouTube channel has exploded with views over the past month and a half. It has gone from 750 subscribers to 2,300 in less than 50 days!

With this the focus of my portfolio online will be on that channel and I have been putting a lot of time and energy in to making that the best representation of my work as possible.

So in between a full time course, a part time job and my online adventures I am keeping myself very busy with also the look to also be applying for jobs in the magazine or publishing world. Keeping busy keeps me happy!

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