Reflection Magazine Photoshoots

Reflection Magazine Makeup Shoot


For Reflection Magazine I needed to do a photoshoot to show some festival makeup looks.

I chose my beautiful friend Beth to be my model and these are the photos that I came up with. I also did the makeup itself, edited and took the photos myself as well.

This was a great shoot to do as it was very simplistic with the white background but this just highlights the makeup itself. It also fits better in the magazine as it was next to very dark pages so the white background balances out the pages.

If thinking about the shoot without the context of the magazine I would have liked to do a festival background or some kind of natural setting to highlight the looks.

Also, colour correcting and highlights were changed but there was no photoshopping in terms of editing out any blemishes. This was to keep with the tone of the magazine.

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Reflection Magazine Fashion Shoot


This is the second photo shoot that I did for Reflection Magazine. This was a simple work day look that could be worn in the city. My model was Mary who at the time was my housemate.

This was a great shoot to do, as it was done in Chester in Rufus Court very early in the morning to make sure that there were no people around.

The outfits I style and I used pieces from my wardrobe and Mary’s. The main aim was to produce a shoot where every piece and outfit flowed from one to the other. The main theme was red, white or blue so each outfit had those colours in there in some way.

Matching items from the shoes to the lipstick was also key here as it brought the whole look together.

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