MA Magazine Journalism (Grade: Merit)
University of Central Lancashire 2015-2016
NCTJ and PPA accredited course that focuses mainly on magazine production including two group magazines, a business, and a consumer, and I was editor-in-chief of the business magazine and digital editor for the user. During this course, I also learnt about the law and responsibilities of being a journalist, how to write hard news and how to use new media and how to tell a story in a variety of ways. As well as learning Teeline shorthand that I worked to 80 words a minute.
Key modules include shorthand (Teeline), creating content, digital journalism, specialist writing, newsroom practice, law for journalists and public affairs.

Work completed during the year can be seen here

My final project, TEAL Magazine, can be viewed here

BA (Hons) Journalism with Creative Writing (Grade 2:1)

University of Chester 2012-2015
During this three-year course, I learnt the foundations of journalism and how to work with others but mainly how to organise myself and develop an entire magazine on my own.
Key modules include: writing and presenting the news both online and print, law and ethics, feature writing and magazine journalism.

Work completed during the year can be seen here

New job: reporter.

Quick bullet points before I elaborate:

I was offered and accepted a job as a Reporter for HVP and BMN magazine.

I have been in the job for three months, and I have now moved down to London.

So, after nearly 200 applications and nine months after finishing my Masters, I finally got the job I wanted.I work for two magazines Heating, Ventilation and Plumbing and Builders’ Merchants News. I do a huge variety of tasks during the day from writing, design, social media and subbing.

I am only three months into the job, so I know that I will be developing a lot in the next coming months as everything with the magazines start to become second nature.

Aside from my job the move to London has been a significant change. Aside from the water tasting disgusting and everything being expensive I feel that I have settled into the city well.

I have also been heavily involved with the London YouTube community by attending events, gatherings, and Summer in the City. The initial awkwardness of the newness of the city has gone, and I am starting to feel very settled.

I have also finally got used to working a 9-5:30 but the work – work balance between my job and YouTube / my brand has been hard to balance. I may have cracked that now and I’m starting to settle into a pattern.

I have a lot of goals for the next few months that I will share publically when I achieve them, but for now, I am finally in the place I want to be, and I am looking to push on forward.

That’s all for now,


Indy PR1 and online journalism project

This is a piece of work that I mad in my first term of my masters course and this is all about the independent shops and restaurants in Preston. Me and my course colleague Sam made this project together.

We worked on elements together as in the Twitter and the blog but there are parts which we separated out to deal with separately. So I did the Instagram, Pinterest and the Vine page as well as the pieces on the blog itself.

This was a very important project to do as it made me learn how to manage different social media for a long period of time. The brand and the tone of the pages and social media needed to be consistent though out so there was a lot of collaboration between me and Sam to what we were working on.


The Instagram page worked really well as it had a mix of both shops and more artsy pieces that worked on the medium. Hashtags were so important when doing this page and keeping the local people engaged with the content.

Pintrest was more difficult because this was more about curating the work of someone else rather than uploading the photos myself. This would have worked better with a different subject but it had some engagement from the other pinners.

This was my first experience with using Vine and I found it very easy to get to grips with as the format is very simplistic. It worked very well on its own but when I curated the pieces together to make the piece about the ‘Top 5 independent coffee shops’ which used the Vines that post took off and was shared a lot.

The Twitter was used mainly to much out content but also keep up to date with the things that were happening around the city by re-tweeting different new articles and local opinion. This was also a way to showcase some of the infographics that I created such as this Thinglink or this infographic.

Some tweets were put up in advance to keep in with set events like “Shop Small Saturday” which was around the time of the project. Using TweetDeck meant that we could control when tweets went out to keep content moving.

Finally there was the blog posts. Each week I did a Instagram round up to highlight the photos of the week. It was also a good way to bulk out the blog as there was only two people but this is the round up of these posts and those can all be read on the blog.







There was also a Snapchat however this was one of the sections that Sam made himself.

Online Newspaper

For the first half of my final year the journalism students were split in to two groups of 9 and produced an online local newspaper together.

The group had to each produce 12 articles in total. Six were for news for a dummy edition to get feed back from our tutors about. The second group of six were for a real week of news between the 10th and 17th December 2014.

The group had to coordinate what articles they were doing so the same article wasn’t written about. Each person also had the responsibility to produce a range of content from news articles, multimedia and photojournalism pieces, entertainment news and reviews.

Working with the other students was challenging but also helpful as it was good to communicate and talk about articles with other students.

As the newspaper was just online other elements such as social media tasks were involved also changing the writing style to suit online journalism more.

My archive of posts can be found here:

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