My YouTube Channel – Nerd with a Manicure

I have my main YouTube channel nerdwithamanicure  for five and a half years now.

In that time, I have learned so much about online video, social media, and YouTube.

The most obvious thing I have developed is my video making skills. When I started out I had no experience with video editing, filming, lighting or scripting. To be honest I had very little ideas about fashion and makeup as well.
But I taught it all to myself.

I learned everything from basic video editing to teaching myself Final Cut Pro on a Sunday afternoon.

I learned how to manage social media and cross-platform to generate more buzz about the channel. I learned that one good video could launch your channel like no one can imagine.

But most of all I taught myself how to stick to a regular schedule of content and how to manage both YouTube and every other responsibility that I have.

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