Mock Adverts

During my time using InDesign I have thought about how to use the tool for marketing and adverts and not just for layouts.

This is a small section of adverts that I have made that use a different range of skills and show the different brands.

All photos and editing have been done myself and using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.


I think that this Essie poster really shows the two elements of the brand: a wide range of shades and the market of an elegant woman.  The emphasis is both on the rose in the centre with the rainbow shades down the side.

When putting together the advert I photographed the hand with the rose and only one nail varnish bottle. I then changed the hue of the bottle to create the rainbow effect down the side.
Magazine without bleed10


The focus on this piece is each individual lash as this is the main selling point of the mascara. With the shots of the eye from different angles really helps sell of how the mascara volumizing and separating.

I also wanted to make the focus on how black the lashes look so I wanted it to be in black and white to show the striking blackness. The black and white photos also show the gold in the packaging and the Maxfactor logo.

Magazine without bleed16

Top Shop

Top Shop adverts have normally be very minimalistic as this brings the emphasis to the clothes and not to the background and the setting.

The model that I shot with is the exact target market as she is young, approachable and fashionable. The logo at the bottom makes sure that the page is clear as an advert but would blend in well with a fashion magazine as it look more like editorial content.

Magazine without bleed24

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