Poetry Pamphlet

During my undergraduate degree, my main focus for the creative writing side was poetry. I took a module a year about how to write, edit and publish poetry. It is not something that I often talk about but I made a sample pamphlet of some of the poems that I wrote during that year.

The creative writing side of my undergrad was more to help me think more critically and analyse but also learn the different stories and how someone’s life can be told. The poetry side was mainly for fun and to make sure I didn’t go insane as the stress for the major kept me very busy.

This is just a sampling of some of the poetry that I did during that time I did write several short stories however, this might be better for another time. In the meantime, this is my poetry pamphlet that I pieced together. Either can be viewed by the gallery or the PDF.

I was going to make a statement about each poem but I am leaning more to the ‘author is dead’ style of thinking with poetry so make your own conclusions and deductions about what each piece means.

I made the pamphlet all myself, it was put together in InDesign and the front cover was a photo edited in Photoshop. This is the PDF:Poetry Pamphlet PDF

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